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39_ME Church_Bowman Map_edit.JPG
Illustration of the Methodist Episcopal Church from the 1858 Bowman Map.

45_Urbana Seminary_Bowman Map_edit.JPG
Illustration of Urbana Seminary from the 1858 Bowman Map.

First of a series of articles on gambling establishments in Champaign.
Portrait of architect Joseph Royer taken for 1910 Elk's Convention in Urbana

1858-59_Cattle Bank (Bowman Map).jpg
Image of the Cattle Bank from 1858 map of Urbana and West Urbana by Alexander Bowman.

Jacques House.jpg
Ater/Jacques House, 207 W. Elm St., Urbana

An Original Acrostic.jpg
Acrostic poem for the Fortnightly Club by Constance L. Broderick made before the club's summer vacation.

A Fortnightly Christmas.jpg
Christmas-themed poem about the Fortnightly Club and its members

Fortnightly Club, 1896; Recto-Front.jpg
1896 photograph of members of the Fortnightly Club

75th Anniversary of the Fortnightly Club; Recto-Front.jpg
Photograph of members of the Fortnightly Club at the club's 75th anniversary
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