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The Champaign County Courthouse_crop.jpg
The Champaign County Courthouse shortly after opening. Note that the steeple of the courthouse was intact. It was lowered 85 feet in the 1950s as a result of lightning strikes and returned to it's original size in the early 2000s.
Joseph Royer's home at 801 W. Oregon Street, Urbana, IL.
Portrait of architect Joseph Royer taken for 1910 Elk's Convention in Urbana
Photo of First Presbyterian Church in Urbana, Illinois, taken from a vantage point on the southeast corner of the intersection of Green Street and Orchard Street.
Flatiron Building at 301 W. Main Street, Urbana. This building was designed by Joseph Royer. It was constructed in 1906 and held Royer's Architecture offices. It burned down in March 1948.
Photo of the Urbana Lincoln Hotel at 209 S. Broadway Avenue taken in approximately the 1940s.
Photo of Urbana High School at 1002 S. Race St. The high school was designed by Joseph Royer and built in 1914.
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