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Proclamation by the mayors of Champaign and Urbana and the Champaign County Executive, that the week from September 24 through October 2, 2022 as LGBTQ+ Pride Week in the cities and the county of Champaign.

Cover page of Urbana Ordinance No. 7576-43 - An Ordinance on Human Rights adopted by the City Council of the City of Urbana on 11/17/1975.

Proclamation_1987-4-17_AidsAwarenessWeek (1).pdf
Proclamation by the mayors of the cities of Champaign and Urbana of the week of April 20-25, 1987 as AIDS Awareness Week in the cities.

ProclamationOfCivilUnionsMonth_2011-5-31 (1).pdf
Proclamation by the mayors of the cities of Champaign and Urbana, proclaiming the month of June as Civil Unions Month.

Newspaper article from the Daily Illini, January 8, 1972, about the Gay Liberation Front's challenge of the Urbana dress code law, or "cross dressing ordinance".

Mayoral proclamation by the Champaign Mayor's Office and the Urbana Mayor's Office, proclaiming June 28th as "Lesbian and Gay Pride Day".

Newspaper article in the Daily Illini, October 27, 1973, about Champaign-Urbana's gay and lesbian communities.

Newspaper article from the Daily Illini, September 7, 1973, regarding Urbana's proposed homosexual bill of rights.
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