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38_Dean Boot Urbana.JPG
Boot and Shoe Store advertisement published in Our Constitution, July 30, 1859.

37_Clapp & Gere 2.JPG
Clapp & Gere General Store advertisement published in Our Constitution, May 28, 1859.

Notice for JW. Jaquith taking over the late firm of Jaquith & Miller published in Our Constitution, on June 12, 1858.

35_Grand Prairie Bank.jpg
Grand Prairie Bank advertisement published in Our Constitution, October 16, 1858.

The fourth iteration of the Champaign County Courthouse was completed in 1861 and stood until another remodel designed by Joseph W. Royer and Frederick Gage Brown took its place in 1901. 

CC Courthouse 1859-1900.jpg
This was the fourth Champaign County Courthouse and was in use from 1859 until 1900 when the building was redesigned by Urbana architect Joseph Royer.

CC Courthouse 1859-1900 Map Litho.jpg
The Champaign County Courthouse acted as the Urbana depot for the Urbana Railroad Company line from 1863-1890.

22_ A16_FisherBuseyHouse.jpg
House of Luther Fisher, farmer and
owner of a real estate and insurance office in Sidney, Illinois. Luther Fisher (1850-1925) married Eunice
Guard (1853-1941). They had four children. Their daughter Leah (1884-1975) and husband Clyde…

Altgeld Illio 1899.jpg
Interior images of Altgeld taken from the 1899 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Illio.

Altgeld Original Second Floor Plan (1896).JPG
Original second-floor plan of Altgeld Hall prior to its numerous 20th-century additions.
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