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05_Cattle Bank Revitalization Project_Back of CB Building mid revitalization.jpg
Back of Cattle Bank building during restoration after the removal of Joe's Barbershop.

04_Cattle Bank Revitalization Project_Back of CB Building back wall removed.jpg
Cattle Bank building during restoration with the back wall removed.

Bird's Eye View 1869.png
Bird’s Eye View of the City of Champaign Looking from the Southeast

1970s_Cattle Bank (Post Fire).jpg
The Cattle Bank (then Heimlich Sundries) after a 1971 fire that destroyed most of the building interior.

07_Cattle Bank Revitalization Project_CB and Oakley Building after revitalization.jpg
Cattle Bank and Oakley building after completion of the restoration project.

Cattle Bank.tif
Fred and Betty Turner's 1973 woodblock print of the Cattle Bank for their annual Christmas card.

1858-59_Cattle Bank (Bowman Map).jpg
Image of the Cattle Bank from 1858 map of Urbana and West Urbana by Alexander Bowman.

CC Courthouse 1859-1900.jpg
This was the fourth Champaign County Courthouse and was in use from 1859 until 1900 when the building was redesigned by Urbana architect Joseph Royer.

Chapel of fort_Courtesy Matt Munsell.JPG
Interior black and white photograph of the Chapel at Fort de Chartres in Prairie Du Rocher, Illinois.
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