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gate dream_Courtesy Matt Munsell.JPG
Black and white photograph of the front gate at Fort de Chartres in Prairie Du Rocher, Illinois.

Historic Reenactment at the fort, 2018__Courtesy Matt Munsell.jpg
18th-century historic reenactment at Fort de Chartres in Prairie Du Rocher, IL.

musket fire_Courtesy Matt Munsell.JPG
Historic reenactors firing muskets at Fort de Chartres in Prairie Du Rocher, IL.

17_Dan Skaggs.jpg
"Don Skaggs looks at the new display commemorating the first time a tornado was tracked by radar" The News-Gazette, August 30, 2001

16_Installing tornado siren.jpg
"Danny Clay, left, United Sign and Awning Company, and Jim Berhoeven, Fisher Communications, Oakwood, both from Danville, installed a new tornado siren in Sidney Monday morning" The News-Gazette, March 30, 1998.

This image shows the path that the Tri-State Tornado of 1925 took through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

Fortnightly Club Paperweight.jpg
Metal plate with an inverted engraving of the Fortnightly Club logo. The plate was hand carved by The Jenner Co.

Omeka Only_Super Outbreak Map.jpg
Portions of a map that shows the tornadoes of the Super Outbreak of 1974.
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