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1858-59_Cattle Bank (Bowman Map).jpg
Image of the Cattle Bank from 1858 map of Urbana and West Urbana by Alexander Bowman.

Cattle Bank.tif
Fred and Betty Turner's 1973 woodblock print of the Cattle Bank for their annual Christmas card.

Cattle Bank-inside.tif
Inside page of Fred and Betty Turner's 1973 Christmas Card that featured a map of historic West Urbana. The Cattle Bank is identified by the '$' sign.

1970s_Cattle Bank (Post Fire).jpg
The Cattle Bank (then Heimlich Sundries) after a 1971 fire that destroyed most of the building interior.

1977_Cattle Bank (Joan Severns).jpg
Champaign City Council member and future mayor (1979-1983) holds an artistic rendering of what the Cattle Bank building could look like if restored to its original historic appearance.

08_Cattle Bank Revitalization Project_BW working on cornices with Edward Haas and Leon Jeske.jpg
Leon Jeske, Edward Haas (facing camera), and a carpenter from Wisconsin work on Cattle Bank cornices.

05_Cattle Bank Revitalization Project_Back of CB Building mid revitalization.jpg
Back of Cattle Bank building during restoration after the removal of Joe's Barbershop.

02_Cattle Bank Revitalization Project_Barber shop torn down-Back of CB building.jpg
Back of Cattle Bank building after Joe's barbershop was torn down, during the early stages of restoration.

07_Cattle Bank Revitalization Project_CB and Oakley Building after revitalization.jpg
Cattle Bank and Oakley building after completion of the restoration project.
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