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Bird's Eye View 1869.png
Bird’s Eye View of the City of Champaign Looking from the Southeast

Urbana Railroad Company Cars 1869.png
These horse-drawn cars would travel back and forth between the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana and the Doane House in Champaign every 70 minutes.

Doane House.jpg
The Doane House was a hotel, restaurant, and meeting place as well as the ICRR depot in Champaign. This was the final stop for the Urbana Railroad Company cars before they returned to the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana.

First of a series of articles on gambling establishments in Champaign.

ASCE Members take measuremetns at the historic bridge site (vertical file or survey maybe).jpg
American Society of Civil Engineers members take measurements of the Stone Arch Bridge in preparation for a restoration effort.

1858-59_Cattle Bank (Bowman Map).jpg
Image of the Cattle Bank from 1858 map of Urbana and West Urbana by Alexander Bowman.

Fred Turner Alumni card_Leather.tif
University of Illinois Alumni Association leather lifetime membership card

Mid-Late 19th Century Horsecar in Grand Rapids, MI

Horsecar at GRPM.jpg
Horsecar with model horse at the Grand Rapids Public Museum in Grand Rapids, MI.
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