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18_Radar_Tornado hook.jpg
As the storm passed a short distance north of the radar, an appendage became visible on the parent echo. Within a few moments, the echo appendage began to curl into a hook shape seen here.

17_Dan Skaggs.jpg
"Don Skaggs looks at the new display commemorating the first time a tornado was tracked by radar" The News-Gazette, August 30, 2001

10_Tornado 1976_Sadorus overturned car.jpg
"Sadorus was hit hard with 15 families left homeless thereā€¦cars and trucks flipped like playthings" The News-Gazette, March 21, 1976.

"Map shows the path of the tornado through three counties." The News-Gazette, March 17, 1942.

"This scene of destruction shows the wreckage of the home in which Mrs. Aletha Rowland, mother of nine children, was fatally injured in the tornado which struck east central Illinois Monday." The News-Gazette, March 17, 1942.

A photo that shows the extent of the damage in Alvin from the March 17, 1942 tornado.

03_1917 headline.jpeg
A newspaper clipping with a headline that reads "Tornado Sweeps Champaign County; One Killed, Many Hurt, Crops Ruined".

This image shows the path that the Tri-State Tornado of 1925 took through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

A tornado with two funnels was seen in March 1976 on the west side of Sidney, Illinois.

The funnel of a tornado that occurred in 1948, that traveled from Leverett to Flatville to Penfield in Champaign County, Illinois.
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