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Omeka Only_Tornado Mixing Bowl.jpg
An illustration that shows the main components needed for tornado formation.

ASCE Members take measuremetns at the historic bridge site (vertical file or survey maybe).jpg
American Society of Civil Engineers members take measurements of the Stone Arch Bridge in preparation for a restoration effort.
Portrait of architect Joseph Royer taken for 1910 Elk's Convention in Urbana

Carley Friendship Club Meeting, 1931.jpg
A group of women and children at a Carley Friendship Club meeting in 1931.

Fortnightly Club, 1896; Recto-Front.jpg
1896 photograph of members of the Fortnightly Club

75th Anniversary of the Fortnightly Club; Recto-Front.jpg
Photograph of members of the Fortnightly Club at the club's 75th anniversary

A tornado with two funnels was seen in March 1976 on the west side of Sidney, Illinois.
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