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1858-59_Cattle Bank (Bowman Map).jpg
Image of the Cattle Bank from 1858 map of Urbana and West Urbana by Alexander Bowman.

Detail from map done by Francois-Benjamin Dumont De Montigny in the 1720s.  First known map to show the fort (incorrectly shows four bastions that were not present at first fort).jpg
The first known map to include Fort de Chartres. It was done by Francois-Benjamin Dumont De Montigny and incorrectly show four bastions on the fort (the bastions were not included in the first iteration of the fort, but part of later versions).

Major 18th Century French colonial outposts and settlments in the Mississippi Valley.jpg
A map of major North American 18th-century French colonial outposts and settlements in the Mississippi Valley that includes Fort de Chartres.

This 1781 map was created by Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet following their 1673 exploration of the Mississippi River.

Urbana Railroad Company Cars 1869.png
These horse-drawn cars would travel back and forth between the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana and the Doane House in Champaign every 70 minutes.

Kirkpatrick_Bowman Map.JPG
Illustration of J.C. Kirkpatrick residence from the 1858 Bowman Map.

JPWhite_Bowman Map.JPG
Residence of J.P. White , Alexander Bowman 1858 Map

DrHunt_Bowman Map.JPG
Residence of Dr. Hunt, Alexander Bowman 1858 Map

WNColer_Bowman Map.JPG
Proposed residence for W.N. Coler, Alexander Bowman 1858 Map
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