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John Wrisk (1857-1926) was
born in Madison, Indiana, but lived in the vicinity of Sidney nearly all his life. He owned a farm near the
corporate limits of Sidney. In 1897, he married Lettie Burnes (1870-1915) of Sidney and they had five

Seated are Bill Heppe, Ellis Wilson, and Bill Green.
John Heppe is in the engine cab, Joe Taylor drives the buggy and Ike Owens has charge of the wagon.
This photograph was also published in Cornsilk and Chaff of Champaign County by Richard L.…

Cut for the C&EI railroad. What is special
about this photograph is the photographer has etched his name in the emulsion on the back of the
plate. If you look in the upper right corner you can see the mirror image of ‘J.J. Fisher [space] Sidney.’

Note the prized items on display. The young girl has a doll and the boy is standing by his bike. The family dog has a prominent position as well. Lost Grove was an early
name given to the timber areas around the corners of South Homer, Sidney,…

In the History of Sidney, 1827-1976 the
house in this image is identified ‘as a cottage in Sidney now the home of Mrs. Eva Prior (1976).’ Eva Prior
(1892-1988), wife of Frederick Hilbert Prior (1892-1958), was born in Carlisle, Indiana. She lived…

A little house on the prairie. Note the hats lying in the grass in the foreground.

Built by Merriam Hess, contractor and
insurance agent, in 1894. Pictured in the photo, left to right, are Oral Vera Hess (1892-1970), Clara
Wilson Hess (1866-1940), and Merriam Hess (1862-1931). Vera Hess was superintendent of home
economics at…

Charles Cotton (1860-1949) resided in this home in 1902
when this picture was taken. He married Alice Coddington (1864-1946) and they had three sons Robert, Frank, and Carl (died at birth). The boys Robert and Frank are pictured. Robert is holding…

Four generations of Coles have lived in this
house. The Coles owned a dry goods store in Sidney, Illinois from (1873-1978). Pictured is John Cole
(1882-1955). According to Everett Block’s notes, the horse’s name is Sam. The house is still…
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