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Centennial Tree Invite009.jpg
Promotional buttons for the 1967 Centennial Trees Project, which was launched to in honor of the 100th anniversary of the University of Illinois.

JO  Cunningham.jpg
Portrait of local judge and historian Joseph O. Cunningham

HM Russell.jpg
H. M. Russell owned a horse-bus (omnibus) company with John Gere that people used to travel from Urbana to West Urbana before the Urbana Railroad Line was installed.

CC Courthouse 1859-1900.jpg
This was the fourth Champaign County Courthouse and was in use from 1859 until 1900 when the building was redesigned by Urbana architect Joseph Royer.

CC Courthouse 1859-1900 Map Litho.jpg
The Champaign County Courthouse acted as the Urbana depot for the Urbana Railroad Company line from 1863-1890.

WWI Draft Card_Turner_Edit.jpg
Fred H. Turner's 1918 World War I draft card that showed his occupation as a bank clerk.

Woodblock printing tools: woodblock, carving tools, brayers, baren (for pressing), brush, and paper.

St Louis Pictorial Advertiser 1858-59.jpg
This Illinois Central Railroad advertisement is similar to the one the Turner's mentioned in their history of the Silver Creek bridge from the 1856 edition of the St. Louis Pictorial Advertiser.
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