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Advertisement for ILLIO showcasing a drawing for a free ride in The White Horse Balloon.

Photo titled "Hot air course", photo of a hot air balloon seminar at the Champaign Park District, taught by instructor Tom Gabel.

"In Illinois ... A Weekend with Marajen Chinigo Dedication of The Stevick Building", Celebrity-Society, October 1985

Major Mony's Perilous Situation.pdf
Image of "Major Mony's Perilous Situation". Text reads "When he fell into the Sea July 23, 1785, off the Coast of Yarmouth."

06_Near Death.JPG
Image of University of Illinois student William Spurrier, whom ultimately died following a visit to local gambling, drinking, and prostitution establishments in Champaign.

23_1914-02-27 - (CDN) Women to Vote on Bond Issue_cropped.jpg
This article discusses the first public bond issue of which Urbana women could vote
103 Club at 103 N. Market St., Champaign

Detail from map done by Francois-Benjamin Dumont De Montigny in the 1720s.  First known map to show the fort (incorrectly shows four bastions that were not present at first fort).jpg
The first known map to include Fort de Chartres. It was done by Francois-Benjamin Dumont De Montigny and incorrectly show four bastions on the fort (the bastions were not included in the first iteration of the fort, but part of later versions).

Number of Visitors (August-Sept 1874)1.jpg
Count of daily visitors to the library in August and September of 1874
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