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Photo titled "Low Clearance" of demonstration by Myron Harms of Eschaloft Inc., Edwardsville, Ill, as Myron flew a one-twentieth scale model of a hot air balloon inside the mall.

Photo titled "Hot air course", photo of a hot air balloon seminar at the Champaign Park District, taught by instructor Tom Gabel.

Advertisement for ILLIO showcasing a drawing for a free ride in The White Horse Balloon.

Advertisement for Lincoln Square's Hot Air Balloon Weekend in 1981.

Major Mony's Perilous Situation.pdf
Image of "Major Mony's Perilous Situation". Text reads "When he fell into the Sea July 23, 1785, off the Coast of Yarmouth."

Illustration showing a tethered balloon's position in calm weather and in wind.

Illustration of children in 'the runaway balloon', Martha Ann and David Isam Harvey, 1858.

Illustration of the runaway balloon of the 1858 Illinois State Fair, caught in a tree on its return to the ground. Text caption reads "Descent of The Children in a Tree Near Mr. Atchinson's House, on Moore's Prairie"

Article about two men making a balloon ascension from the Bloomington courthouse square in 1898.
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