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Receipts for bets placed at Turf Club
1908 pamphlet from the Urbana Commercial Club with the first mention of the proposed new library.

Cunningham Book Stamp_1.jpg
This bookplate was placed in all the books donated to the Samuel T. Busey Memorial Library from Joseph Cunningham

Urbana Library Association Book Stamp.jpg
These embossed stamps were found in the books lent out by the subscription library. They helped identify which books belonged to the new library

Centennial Tree Invite009.jpg
Promotional buttons for the 1967 Centennial Trees Project, which was launched to in honor of the 100th anniversary of the University of Illinois.

Pilgrim’s Progress, title page, published 1834

A copy of Pilgrim’s Progress inscribed “Miss S. Noel presented as a prize for improvement in writing. Female Seminary.”
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