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Doane House004.jpg
The Doane house was Champaign's major depot for the Illinois Central Railroad and an Inn from 1856 to 1898.

29_Doane House_Bowman Map (2).JPG
Illustration of the Doane House from the 1858 Bowman Map.

32_Doane House_Train in front.jpg
Doane House with Illinois Central train and crew in front, and passengers on the platform.

33_Doane House Fire.jpg
Champaign looks on as the Doane House burns, July 12, 1898.

31_Doane House_Address Ref.jpg
Advertisement for Pratt and Brothers Commission, Storage & For’ding Merchants using the Doane House as an address reference point.

30_Doane HouseAd.JPG
Doane House advertisement published in the Central Illinois Gazette, February 1, 1860.
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