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33_Doane House Fire.jpg
Champaign looks on as the Doane House burns, July 12, 1898.

32_Doane House_Train in front.jpg
Doane House with Illinois Central train and crew in front, and passengers on the platform.

31_Doane House_Address Ref.jpg
Advertisement for Pratt and Brothers Commission, Storage & For’ding Merchants using the Doane House as an address reference point.

30_Doane HouseAd.JPG
Doane House advertisement published in the Central Illinois Gazette, February 1, 1860.

29_Doane House_Bowman Map (2).JPG
Illustration of the Doane House from the 1858 Bowman Map.

Doane House004.jpg
The Doane house was Champaign's major depot for the Illinois Central Railroad and an Inn from 1856 to 1898.
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