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Jane_Addams as a young woman, undated studio portrait by Cox, Chicago_Courtesy Kgarcia137.jpg
Undated studio portrait of a young Jane Addams taken by Cox in Chicago.

Jane Addams at Hull House on 40th birthday of the institution (Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [reproduction numberLC-USZ62- 37768 (b&w film copy neg.)]).jpg
Photograph taken on the 40th anniversary of Hull House of Jane Addams with local Chicago children.

Hull House Painting by Unknown (Courtesy of UIC).png
A painting of the Hull mansion that used to hang in the house by an unknown artist. Fred Turner used this painting to create the interior of his 1963 wood-block print Christmas card.

Helen Culver_Public Domain.jpg
Charles Hull gave the Hull homestead to Helen Culver in 1889, who in turn, rented the mansion to Jane Addams and Helen Gates Starr on a free 25-year lease.

The Jane Addams Hull House Museum is located in the Charles J. Hull homestead.

Rear Room on first floor of the Hull House mansion. The mansion is currently the home of the Jane Addams Hull House Museum.

Ellen Gates Starr co-founded the Hull House with Jane Addams in 1889 and worked there for nearly thirty years.

Charles Jerold Hull (public domain).jpg
Charles Hull built the Hull homestead in 1856 and lived there until 1889.
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