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OWC Around the World.jpg
Various wives clubs activities from around the world, July 1987

Welfare Fund_July 89.jpg
Welfare Fund Report of the Chanute Officers Wives Club, 06 July 89

COWC_Valentine's Day2.jpg
The Skylarks, members of the Chanute Officers Wives Club, sing to a bearded servicemember for Valentine' Day, 1989

COWC_Valentine's Day1.jpg
Skylarks, members of the Chanute Officers Wives Club, performing a singing valentine, 1989

Apple Picking.jpg
Newspaper clipping of Officers Wives Club members picking apples to make apple cider

Octave Chanute Portrait.jpg
Indian ink and white chalk portrait of aviation pioneer Octave Chanute paired with the Wright Flyer and a 20th-century jet.

Octave Chanute Glider.jpg
Aviation Pioneer Octave Chanute attempts to take flight using his own invention the "Katydid"

A group of members of the Officer's Wives Club at a function.

USAF OWC History.jpg
Brief history of the USAF Officers Wives Club written by Lt. Col. Rapp, February 9, 1984

Celebratory dinner hosted by the Chanute Officers Wives Club
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