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Cattle Bank-inside.tif
Inside page of Fred and Betty Turner's 1973 Christmas Card that featured a map of historic West Urbana. The Cattle Bank is identified by the '$' sign.
Photograph of interior of Sholem's Shoes

1865 clothing advertisement showing clothes coming express to Kuhn’s in Champaign from New York City

Kuhn's first store, The Emporium, located at 33 Main St., Champaign
Photograph of window display at Kaufman's Student Outfitters
Klemick’s Policy House at 709 N Fourth St., Champaign

08_Cattle Bank Revitalization Project_BW working on cornices with Edward Haas and Leon Jeske.jpg
Leon Jeske, Edward Haas (facing camera), and a carpenter from Wisconsin work on Cattle Bank cornices.

JP White Add0001.jpg
1893 Plat Map of Champaign showing Farnum, Clark & White's Addition and John P. White's Addition.
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