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Urbana Railroad Company Cars 1869.png
These horse-drawn cars would travel back and forth between the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana and the Doane House in Champaign every 70 minutes.

Doane House.jpg
The Doane House was a hotel, restaurant, and meeting place as well as the ICRR depot in Champaign. This was the final stop for the Urbana Railroad Company cars before they returned to the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana.

Art Club 125th anniversary invitation.jpg
Invitation to the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Art Club of Champaign.

Cattle Bank.tif
Fred and Betty Turner's 1973 woodblock print of the Cattle Bank for their annual Christmas card.

Cattle Bank-inside.tif
Inside page of Fred and Betty Turner's 1973 Christmas Card that featured a map of historic West Urbana. The Cattle Bank is identified by the '$' sign.

1865 clothing advertisement showing clothes coming express to Kuhn’s in Champaign from New York City

Kuhn's first store, The Emporium, located at 33 Main St., Champaign

17_Dan Skaggs.jpg
"Don Skaggs looks at the new display commemorating the first time a tornado was tracked by radar" The News-Gazette, August 30, 2001
Photograph of Urbana location of Sholem's Shoes.
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