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06_Bowman WU Maps.JPG
Alexander Bowman created this lithographic map of West Urbana soon after arriving in town and sold them for $1.00 apiece.

Advertisement for Alexander Bowman’s architectural and surveying services published in Our Constitution, August 27, 1859.

Bowman used a subscription model to fund his 1858 Urbana-West Urbana map. The map sold for $100.00 dollars and was designed for reference and decoration.

01_1858 Alexander Bowman Map of Urbana and West Champaign - PLN.jpg
Notable for its use of the term West Urbana this map captures the moment of expansion of Urbana-Champaign.

Image of the residence of Alonzo Campbell, Esq. WU from 1858 map of Urbana and West Urbana by Alexander Bowman.

19_Angles Block_Bowman Map.JPG
Illustration of Angle’s Block from the 1858 Bowman Map.

20_Bailey Buildings_Bowman Map.JPG
Illustration of the Bailey Building from the 1858 Bowman Map.

34_Commerical Buildings_Bowman Map_edit.JPG
Illustration of Commercial Buildings from the 1858 Bowman Map.

29_Doane House_Bowman Map (2).JPG
Illustration of the Doane House from the 1858 Bowman Map.

AGCarle_Bowman Map.JPG
Residence of A.G. Carle, Alexander Bowman 1858 Map
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