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Welk's drawing of Andrews boarding a jet circa 1940s.jpg
Norine Welk drawing of Airman James Andrews boarding his plane in the 1940s.

Welk drawing badges, Pacesetter, February 1, 1985.jpg
Norine Welk drew military badges and portraits of Native Americans.

Welfare Fund_July 89.jpg
Welfare Fund Report of the Chanute Officers Wives Club, 06 July 89

A portrait of William Nichols Coler reprinted in The History of Champaign County by J.O. Cunningham

W Lewis and Company Princess Peggy Sale Mailer, 1932_ADVERTISEMENT.jpg
W. Lewis & Company Princess Peggy sale mailer, 1932

W Lewis and Company Princess Peggy Sale, 1932_ADVERTISEMENT.jpg
W. Lewis & Company Advertisement for Princess Peggy sale, 1932

"Vintage Camera" by PMillera4 is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

VC 1867.png
Alexander Bowman 1867 map of Vance Township that shows Conkey Town.

A religious booklet titled "Valiant Women of the Early Church: Models for Today" for May Friendship Day, May 5, 2000.
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