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Young Men's Library Association of Urbana Charter (1872) 1-2_COPY.jpg
This is the founding charter for The Urbana Free Library. The document is signed by all the member's of the Young Men's Library Association of Urbana, including Frederick Eubeling, Frank Jaques, and Samuel Busey.

Jane_Addams as a young woman, undated studio portrait by Cox, Chicago_Courtesy Kgarcia137.jpg
Undated studio portrait of a young Jane Addams taken by Cox in Chicago.

Woodblock printing tools: woodblock, carving tools, brayers, baren (for pressing), brush, and paper.

Woodblock Print.JPG
Wood-block carved by Fred Turner for one of his and Betty's annual Christmas cards

William A. Conkey and Sarah V. Saddler Gravesite in the GAR cemetery in Homer, Illinois.

Welk's drawing of Andrews boarding a jet circa 1940s.jpg
Norine Welk drawing of Airman James Andrews boarding his plane in the 1940s.

Welk drawing badges, Pacesetter, February 1, 1985.jpg
Norine Welk drew military badges and portraits of Native Americans.

W Lewis and Company Princess Peggy Sale Mailer, 1932_ADVERTISEMENT.jpg
W. Lewis & Company Princess Peggy sale mailer, 1932

W Lewis and Company Princess Peggy Sale, 1932_ADVERTISEMENT.jpg
W. Lewis & Company Advertisement for Princess Peggy sale, 1932
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