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44_ParkCo. Flour Mill_Ad.JPG
W. Parks & Co. advertisement published in Central Illinois Gazette, October 5, 1859.

43_Parks Mill.jpg
Undated photograph of W. Parks Flouring and Saw Mill.

41_ME church_Dedication.jpg
Cover of dedication program for The First Methodist Episcopal Church, September 11, 1927.

38_Dean Boot Urbana.JPG
Boot and Shoe Store advertisement published in Our Constitution, July 30, 1859.

37_Clapp & Gere 2.JPG
Clapp & Gere General Store advertisement published in Our Constitution, May 28, 1859.

Notice for JW. Jaquith taking over the late firm of Jaquith & Miller published in Our Constitution, on June 12, 1858.

35_Grand Prairie Bank.jpg
Grand Prairie Bank advertisement published in Our Constitution, October 16, 1858.

33_Doane House Fire.jpg
Champaign looks on as the Doane House burns, July 12, 1898.

32_Doane House_Train in front.jpg
Doane House with Illinois Central train and crew in front, and passengers on the platform.
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