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Dance Party at the Tradewinds.jpg
Dance party at Chanute's Trade Winds Service Club

Coffee at the Tradewinds.jpg
The weekly 10 am coffee call at the Trade Winds with free coffee and donuts for service people.

Billiard room at the Tradewinds.jpg
Image of the billiard room at Chanute's Trade Winds Service Club.

Non-verbal communication assignment, 1977.jpg
Student assignment submission for Donald Weckorst's non-verbal communication course.

Non-verbal communication lesson plan.jpg
Donald Weckorts's non-verbal communication lesson plan

Non-verbal communication instruction booklet page 4-2.jpg
Page 4-2 from Donald Weckhorst's "Non-Verbal Communication Instruction" booklet

Non-verbal communication instruction booklet cover.jpg
Cover to Donald Weckhorst's Non-Verbal Communication Instruction Booklet

Octave Chanute Portrait.jpg
Indian ink and white chalk portrait of aviation pioneer Octave Chanute paired with the Wright Flyer and a 20th-century jet.

Octave Chanute Glider.jpg
Aviation Pioneer Octave Chanute attempts to take flight using his own invention the "Katydid"

1990s Lockhead Martin Card Diagram.jpg
Color Diagram with measurements taken from the back of advertisements.
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