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  • Collection: Mary E. Busey's Gift: A Centennial Celebration of the Samuel T. Busey Memorial Library

The Champaign County Courthouse_crop.jpg
The Champaign County Courthouse shortly after opening. Note that the steeple of the courthouse was intact. It was lowered 85 feet in the 1950s as a result of lightning strikes and returned to it's original size in the early 2000s.

23_1914-02-27 - (CDN) Women to Vote on Bond Issue_cropped.jpg
This article discusses the first public bond issue of which Urbana women could vote

Urbana Library Association Book Stamp.jpg
These embossed stamps were found in the books lent out by the subscription library. They helped identify which books belonged to the new library

Young Men's Library Association of Urbana Charter (1872) 1-2_COPY.jpg
This is the founding charter for The Urbana Free Library. The document is signed by all the member's of the Young Men's Library Association of Urbana, including Frederick Eubeling, Frank Jaques, and Samuel Busey.

Frank Jaques_COPY.jpg
Frank Jaques (1839-1896) came to Urbana in 1858. He was a lawyer, businessman, philanthropist, and early supporter of the library

Number of Visitors (August-Sept 1874)1.jpg
Count of daily visitors to the library in August and September of 1874

Cunningham Book Stamp_1.jpg
This bookplate was placed in all the books donated to the Samuel T. Busey Memorial Library from Joseph Cunningham
1908 pamphlet from the Urbana Commercial Club with the first mention of the proposed new library.
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