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  • Collection: Champaign's Gambling Hotspots in 1937

05_Champaign Mayor Responds_Closeup.jpg
Headline of article "Champaign Mayor Cites Obstacles to War on Gambling" from November 21, 1895 issue of the Champaign Daily News.

06_Near Death.JPG
Image of University of Illinois student William Spurrier, whom ultimately died following a visit to local gambling, drinking, and prostitution establishments in Champaign.

The card reads in full:For Direct and Authentic Race ResultsCALL ONPITCHER and MAIER105 N. MarketPhone 6-1500     Champaign...........................Free Lunchand Supper each Thursday and Friday Nightand Bring Your Friend
103 Club at 103 N. Market St., Champaign

These 40 clay poker chips were found inside a wall at 105 N. Market Street in Champaign during a 1984 remodeling of the building. The chips were presumably dumped into the wall during a police raid in the 1930s.

Sullivan, John, 1858_Criminal Case, Gambling_INTERIOR_CROP_2.jpg
Front side of first known recorded criminal charge against gambling in Champaign County. Case filed October term, 1857. John Sullivan charged with keeping a common gambling house for his gain.
Gus Dixon’s Policy House on the 600 block of Poplar St.

First of a series of articles on gambling establishments in Champaign.

07_Flynn Campaign Poster.jpg
Mayor James Flynn’s 1939 re-election poster. He won the election on April 18, 1939.
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