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  • Collection: Champaign's Gambling Hotspots in 1937

First of a series of articles on gambling establishments in Champaign.

These 40 clay poker chips were found inside a wall at 105 N. Market Street in Champaign during a 1984 remodeling of the building. The chips were presumably dumped into the wall during a police raid in the 1930s.

The card reads in full:For Direct and Authentic Race ResultsCALL ONPITCHER and MAIER105 N. MarketPhone 6-1500     Champaign...........................Free Lunchand Supper each Thursday and Friday Nightand Bring Your Friend
Recreation Club, aka Melahn’s, located at 37 Taylor St., Champaign
37 N Chester Street door to Recreation Club
Floor plan of the Recreation Club
103 Club at 103 N. Market St., Champaign
105 N. Market St. door of Stables Annex, aka Pitchers, at the corner of Chester and N. Market
32 Chester St. door to Stables Annex
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