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  • Collection: Champaign's Gambling Hotspots in 1937

The card reads in full:For Direct and Authentic Race ResultsCALL ONPITCHER and MAIER105 N. MarketPhone 6-1500     Champaign...........................Free Lunchand Supper each Thursday and Friday Nightand Bring Your Friend

These 40 clay poker chips were found inside a wall at 105 N. Market Street in Champaign during a 1984 remodeling of the building. The chips were presumably dumped into the wall during a police raid in the 1930s.

05_Champaign Mayor Responds_Closeup.jpg
Headline of article "Champaign Mayor Cites Obstacles to War on Gambling" from November 21, 1895 issue of the Champaign Daily News.

1925 Sheriff's book log entries for arrests. Note that the first six entries are arrests for gambling and those arrested are all out of state.

01_Successful Raid.JPG
1895 newspaper article about a police raid on an illegal gambling site located in a room above McCarty Bros. Restaurant at 71 E Main St.

Sullivan, John, 1858_Criminal Case, Gambling_INTERIOR_CROP_2.jpg
Front side of first known recorded criminal charge against gambling in Champaign County. Case filed October term, 1857. John Sullivan charged with keeping a common gambling house for his gain.

06_Near Death.JPG
Image of University of Illinois student William Spurrier, whom ultimately died following a visit to local gambling, drinking, and prostitution establishments in Champaign.

07_Flynn Campaign Poster.jpg
Mayor James Flynn’s 1939 re-election poster. He won the election on April 18, 1939.

First of a series of articles on gambling establishments in Champaign.
Gus Dixon’s Policy House on the 600 block of Poplar St.
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