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  • Collection: Jewish Life in Champaign-Urbana

W Lewis and Company Princess Peggy Sale Mailer, 1932_ADVERTISEMENT.jpg
W. Lewis & Company Princess Peggy sale mailer, 1932

W Lewis and Company Princess Peggy Sale, 1932_ADVERTISEMENT.jpg
W. Lewis & Company Advertisement for Princess Peggy sale, 1932

The Tiny Times_Vol 1_No 5_1924.jpg
The Tiny Times, Vol. 1, No. 5, published by W. Lewis & Company in Champaign.

The Eichberg Opera House, located on the third floor, was the site of plays, minstrel shows, comedy troupes, and orators.

14_Sisterhood Plaque.JPG
Plaque honoring the Sisterhood’s service located in Sinai Temple, Champaign.

The first Sinai Temple building located on the southwest corner of Clark and State Streets, circa 1955.

Sinai Temple founders present at the 50th Anniversary, left to right: Leonard Lewis, Albert Stern, Charles Loeb, and Isaac Kuhn.
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