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  • Collection: Jewish Life in Champaign-Urbana

The southwest corner of Main and Market Streets faced the Illinois Central Station, and in 1862 was Champaign’s most active business district. The first floor housed the Great Western Clothing Store owned by Sol Bernstein; the second floor held the…

Eisner Complete Food Store opened for business at Lincoln Square location in Urbana.

Eisner Complete Food Store ready for opening day at their Lincoln Square location in Urbana.

Eisner's food store workers look over the plans for the new location at Lincoln Square in Urbana.

Night photo of Eisner's food store in Urbana at the Lincoln Square location.

Rear of Jos. Kuhn & Co. store at 33 E. Main St. circa 1975 with Kuhn’s slogan “Unmatched in 118.5 miles.” It should be noted that Indianapolis is 119 miles away.

Jos. Kuhn & Son storefront in 1900. Joseph Kuhn is the furthest on the left and Isaac Kuhn is fifth from the right.

14_Kuhn_Airplane Delivery.jpg
In 1919, Jos. Kuhn & Co. became the first clothier to accept a shipment of clothing from a commercial airplane. The plane flew Society Brand clothes down from Chicago. Isaac Kuhn is pictured fifth from the right.

Kuhn's first store, The Emporium, located at 33 Main St., Champaign
Photograph of interior of Sholem's Shoes
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