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  • Collection: Jewish Life in Champaign-Urbana

Live advertisement of Minshall Electric Organ by Macon Music during Eisner Foods opening day in Urbana.

Eisner Foods employees assist a shopper during opening day in Urbana.

Eisner Foods stocked and ready for opening day in Urbana.

Eisner Foods stocked and ready for opening day in Urbana.

J.O. Cunningham portrait.jpg
Judge J. O. Cunningham, 80 years old.

Sinai Temple founders present at the 50th Anniversary, left to right: Leonard Lewis, Albert Stern, Charles Loeb, and Isaac Kuhn.

The first Sinai Temple building located on the southwest corner of Clark and State Streets, circa 1955.

20_R.M. Eppstein Bro..jpg
R.M Eppstein Bros. located at 38 Main Street, Champaign, IL.

19_JewishPlots Mt.Hope.JPG
The Jewish sections at Mount Hope Cemetery are legally owned by Sinai Temple and managed by a committee appointed by the their Board of Trustees, with the land held in stewardship for the entire Jewish community. 
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