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  • Collection: Jewish Life in Champaign-Urbana

1865 clothing advertisement showing clothes coming express to Kuhn’s in Champaign from New York City

Kuhn's first store, The Emporium, located at 33 Main St., Champaign

Kuhn's The College Book_SAMPLE INTERIOR.jpg
Kuhn's "The College Book" catalog (interior)

W Lewis and Company Princess Peggy Sale, 1932_ADVERTISEMENT.jpg
W. Lewis & Company Advertisement for Princess Peggy sale, 1932

W Lewis and Company Princess Peggy Sale Mailer, 1932_ADVERTISEMENT.jpg
W. Lewis & Company Princess Peggy sale mailer, 1932

The Tiny Times_Vol 1_No 5_1924.jpg
The Tiny Times, Vol. 1, No. 5, published by W. Lewis & Company in Champaign.
Portrait of Morris Lowenstern (1836-1916), owner of M. Lowenstern & Co.
M. Lowenstern and Co. advertisement in the Champaign County Herald
Photograph of Urbana location of Sholem's Shoes.
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