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After the Sidney Spring Festival, Block continued to display the photographs and speak to local community groups.

Everett Block believed this was a self-portrait of J.J. Fisher. Note that the individual is holding a camera.

The Block Collection arrives at the Champaign County Historical Archives in December 2014.

After Everett Block printed and displayed the photographs in Sidney, Illinois and the surrounding areas, additional negatives or prints were given to him by other local families. This print is from the Taylor family.

Four generations of Coles have lived in this
house. The Coles owned a dry goods store in Sidney, Illinois from (1873-1978). Pictured is John Cole
(1882-1955). According to Everett Block’s notes, the horse’s name is Sam. The house is still…

Charles Cotton (1860-1949) resided in this home in 1902
when this picture was taken. He married Alice Coddington (1864-1946) and they had three sons Robert, Frank, and Carl (died at birth). The boys Robert and Frank are pictured. Robert is holding…

17_58_ Gerald House (1).jpg
This is the only picture in the original 210 negatives developed by Block that features snow. Lighting and exposure times became trickier in snowy conditions. The house is still standing (2016) at 101 West Prairie Street, Sidney, Illinois but has…

7_Everett Block.jpg
Everett C. Block (1921-2000) was born in Champaign County to Hilbert and Ella Lehmkuler
Block. He was the great-grandson of August Block for whom Block Station was named. Besides collecting
and curating an extensive collection of glass plate…

This notebook created by Everett Block has a listing for each of the intact glass negatives found in the Thompson House. Any information he was able to obtain on the images is written next to it. Additional information he gathered in interviews is…

Glass plates that are not enclosed are in danger of being scratched or
having the emulsion pulled away from the glass, and portions of the image being lost. Four flap
envelopes are the preferred enclosure method for glass plate negatives. These…
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